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    Sleeping child

    Trưởng thôn

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    Đến từ : Quang Tri
    Sở thích : Music, football
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    Registration date : 12/06/2008

    Sleeping child Empty Sleeping child

    Bài gửi by Sinhvien Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:31 pm

    sleeping child

    1.The milkey way upon the heavens
    is twinkling just for you
    And Mr.Moon he came by
    to say goodbye to you

    I'll sing for you, I'll sing for mother
    We'll playing for the world
    and for the people everywhere
    Gonna show them all we care

    Oh my sleeping child
    the World so wild. But you've built your own
    paradise that's one reason why
    I'll cover you sleeping child

    2.If all the people around the world
    They had a mind like yours
    We'd have no fighting and no wars
    There would be lasting peace on earth

    If all the kings and all the leaders
    Could see you here this way
    They would hold the earth in their arms
    They would learn to watch you play


    3.I'm gonna cover my sleeping child
    keep you away from the world so wild
    away from the world, away from the world so wild.

    (Chorus -2 times)

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